Bones in Motion

In the company's own words, "Bones in Motion (BiM) provides award winning, subscription-based mobile lifestyle phone applications and services." In the mid 2000's, mobile phones began coming on to the market with GPS chip sets built into them. Bones in Motion saw the potential of such devices for the use of collecting performance metrics for runners, cyclists, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Today there are many such services available, such as MapMyFitness and RunKeeper, but in 2004 the concept was largely unexplored. Working with the Bones in Motion team, I was heavily involved in the conception and creation of Bones in Motion's web-based application. Bones in Motion has since been acquired by Adidas.


As a contract designer, I worked with the CTO of Bones in Motion to determine both the feature set and user interface for the Bones in Motion site. The CTO was a distance runner and was the person in the company who best knew the needs of the user. I mostly worked remotely with Bones in Motion. The CTO and I collaborated on the UX design and in doing so needed a wireframing tool that both of us had access to. We ended up using Microsoft Power Point, which actually worked better than expected to produce low fidelity wireframes. I was able to pass wireframes back and forth with the CTO via email, and use them to communicate functionality to the company's development team.

Finished Design

Seen here are unused visual designs for the Bones in Motion site. The design compositions are based on the wireframes, some of which are shown above.

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