Erick Clark
User Experience Designer

Datafiniti Search UI


UI Design | Product Design | Analytics
My role on this project was as in-house UX designer. I also acted as product manager and team lead for the small team that develops Datafiniti's web-based products.
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Are There Cookies Mobile App

Are There Cookies?

Mobile UI Design | Product Design
My role on this project is that of both product manager and designer. These roles include user research, concepting the feature list, and creating the UI and visual design.
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Adometry UI


UI Design | Visual Design | Data Visualization
Most of my time working at Adometry was spent designing the user interface and visual design of the Attribute web application.
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Hoover's UI

D&B Hoover's

UI Design
I worked with visaul designers, product managers and usability testers to determine the needs of the user and to gauge the effectiveness of the solutions I designed.
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Bones in Motion UI

Bones in Motion

UI Design | Visual Design
Working with the Bones in Motion team, I was heavily involved in the conception and creation of Bones in Motion's activity tracking web application.
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The Woodward and Bernstein Watergate Papers

The Woodward & Bernstein Watergate Papers

Visual Design
I designed a site that promoted the opening of the Watergate Papers and provided a glimpse of what the archive held.
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I’m currently seeking a senior to lead level UX designer position. I’ve worked as a designer for companies that include large corporations and internet start-ups, and I've also worked as a freelance designer.

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