Hello, my name is Erick Clark. In the nearly twenty years I've worked as an interaction and visual designer, I've designed a large number of complex sites for a variety of companies. I've worked in start-up environments, large established companies, and creative agencies. Those companies include Dell Inc., Powered Inc., Bones in Motion, Hoover's Inc. and most recently Datafiniti Inc. Deliverables at these companies included site maps, wireframes, design comps, HTML and CSS, and more.

Among the projects I've taken on as a freelance designer are those I worked on for Dell Inc. and Bones in Motion Inc. Dell contracted me to assist them in a total redesign of their online tech support message board system, named the Dell Community Forum. I was involved in determining the feature set, creating the information architecture, designing the user interface and visual design, and creating HTML mock-ups that were employed in usability studies. Bones in Motion Inc. provided tools for runners, cyclists and other outdoor sport enthusiasts. The company developed both a mobile phone application and a set of web-based tools to aid runners and cyclists in monitoring and tracking their progress. My work with Bones in Motion largely involved collaborating with their team to develop their product on the conceptual level. I worked with the company to establish the needs of their audience, and to create the information architecture and user interface for their product. Their product was named the grand-prize winner of the 2005 Global LBS (Location-based Services) Challenge.

Among the start-ups I've worked for is Powered Inc. I joined Powered in the company's very early stages. I worked with a small team to create the company's web-based learning system. Powered Inc. works with companies to strengthen their brand and brand loyalty, and market products and services through the use of online learning sites. My job at Powered included determining the needs of the end user and creating a feature set that would meet those needs and the business needs of the company. My duties also included managing Powered's in-house design team.

Another start-up I've worked for is my current employer, Datafiniti Inc. The company describes itself as the search engine for data. Datafiniti has large amounts of data that it has gathered via web crawlers, and my job has been to create the web-based UI for searching the data. Customers of Datafiniti are largely other businesses who use the data for reputation management, to find sales leads, for competitive pricing information and more. The process for designing the search interface involved creating several possible designs and reviewing them with potential customers. After incorporating feedback, a version of the site was built and another review was done on that. The end result is a site that even less technically savvy users can quickly get into and start using.

One of the more established companies I've worked for was Hoover's Inc. Hoover's has an extensive online directory of company, industry and people data. My duties at Hoover's included working with product managers, developers and the company's internal creative team on a complete redesign of the Hoover's subscriber site, within the Agile process. Deliverables included wire-frames, visual design comps and HTML/CSS mock-ups.

Examples of some of the above mentioned work can be viewed in my portfolio.