I was employed at Hoover's as a senior user interface designer, part of the company's design team. My role at the company was strictly focused on the interface. Hoover's had visual designers who handled the aesthetics and front end developers who wrote the client-side code. I worked closely with those groups as well as with product managers and the in-house usability tester to determine the needs of the user and to gauge the effectiveness of the solutions I designed. My main deliverables were wireframes along with process flows. Shown below are wireframes from two of the projects I worked on while at Hoover's.

Hoover's Wireframes

Presented here are wireframes for Hoover's Lead Builder tool, also known as Build a List. This tool gives Hoover's subscribers access to more than 60 million companies and 61 million key people via a complex search form. Using data collected from user tests and site analytics, I led the effort to rethink the user interface and information architecture of the Build a List tool, the cornerstone of the Hoover's product.

First Research Wireframes

First Research is a subsidiary of Hoover’s that sells reports detailing industries for use in market analysis. Presented here are a few wireframes for a revision of the First Research online store.

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